Danielle Hartnett 


Danielle has been an integral member of the Karcher since 2011 as our on staff Makeup Artist, Front Desk and Wedding Coordinator, and now as one of our preferred Wedding Makeup Artists. 




With a beauty background gleaned from MAC and Bare Escentuals, Danielle has a natural eye for gorgeous makeup. Hailing from the sunny west coast, her sartorial flair for modern meets vintage and a penchant for old Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn films, inspire her cosmetic creations and makes her a perfect fit for The Karcher. Says Hartnett, “I love to bring out the natural beauty in others by enhancing their favorite features, but I also believe a bold lip and cat eye looks great on everyone!” Danielle understands the importance of making a polished presentation every day with the confidence-boosting power of makeup. “If you spend that extra five minutes on yourself before you walk out the door, it makes a difference not only to you, but those who interact with you.”

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” —Coco Chanel


Jessa Blades


Jessa Blades is a celebrity makeup artist, natural beauty authority, wellness expert and herbalist based in Brooklyn and Los Angeles. She is deeply passionate about sharing simple and gentle ways to heal and nurture the body and skin while still looking fabulous.

Inspired by the idea of true healing and wellness, Jessa made the switch to natural, non-toxic beauty products in 2008 and founded her company, Blades Natural Beauty, the same year. Her goal then and now is to provide sustainable beauty routines, pure products, and expert advice for anyone looking to detox their medicine cabinet and heal—instead of hide—their imbalances.

As a teacher and a makeup artist, Jessa's mission is to bring the message of self-care and empowerment into the conversation around beauty and healing.



Melanie Herring


Melanie is seeing clients for Facials locally in Brooklyn. Email her or visit her website for more information and to book.

With a background in yoga & meditation, nutrition, integrative coaching and herbalism plus real-life journeys of digestive & health challenges, fertility issues & miscarriage, severe teenage acne, depression and divorce, Melanie connects the dots between our inner and outer worlds, believing that the skin is a perfect window into our internal world, communicating both our physiological and spiritual needs. The brilliance of our skin is in its innate ability to heal and find balance and Melanie’s topical approach is to allow the skin’s natural healing abilities to work their magic while using only the purest of mother nature’s ingredients to nurture and nourish. Melanie offers support and solutions for day-to-day challenges and ways to ground healing in the here and now, giving you the perfect balance of spiritual and practical.