Jennifer Wiezorek

Jennifer Wiezorek (formerly Pyle), believes that with hair, much like the aesthetics of good design, standout style comes down to clean lines and the impact of rich, beautiful color. Before entering into the Cosmetology field in 2010, Jennifer spent seven years as a graphic designer in Los Angeles. Longing to break free of her days behind a desk, she jumped at the opportunity to pursue a Cosmetology education at The Aveda Institute. It was here where she came to embrace her true passion—making people happy through the process of transformation, a veritable hands-on design process that enhances the natural beauty of her clients. Jennifer joined The Karcher in early 2011 where she’s been making her mark as a colorist and stylist, with her natural expertise being in elegantly tapered and cleanly layered cuts. 

“A person’s hairstyle is a manifestation of self-expression. As a hairstylist, it is my job to bring that to physical form with my clients. One of the most rewarding parts of my profession is having the ability to make a person feel better about themselves—not just in the salon but everyday.”