Jennifer Wiezorek

Where did you grow up? Southern California

How long have you been in the Biz? After a career in graphic design I went to cosmetology school in 2011 at the Aveda Institute in NYC. 8 years as a stylist loving what I do!

Where do you find inspiration? Living in and taking in all the unique styles in this great city!

What do you do besides hair? Occasionally do freelance graphic design and a mama to two toddlers Paxton and Maverick!

What do you love most about being a hairdresser? Working with my hands and connecting with my clients and making them feel good!

What looks are you into right now? No fuss, healthy looks that evolve beautifully and don’t required a lot of work for my clients. So many people seem so busy and stressed these days that I want my clients hair to make them feel good and not stress them out too! Seeing the beauty in what their hair does naturally and create something personal for them that brings out the best in their hair type and look!

Cut- Color - or both? Both