Nathalie Johnson

Where did you grow up? I grew up on Marrowstone Island, which is a tiny little island off the peninsula of Washington State. About two hours (give or take) west of Seattle.

How long have you been in the Biz? Eleven Years!

Where do you find inspiration? Inspiration is everywhere, especially in New York. Though I’m finding the longer I’m in this industry, the deeper I’m driven to travel back to my roots in the Pacific Northwest. I love cuts that are effortless and require little to light styling, and color that is low maintenance, yet still bright and beautiful.

What do you do besides hair? Besides hair, I’m a partner, a dog mom, a friend, a studying herbalist, and a lover of nature. I try to enjoy all this city has to offer, while also reminding myself that it’s okay to not leave my apartment for the day, as Seamless delivers and a Netflix binge occurs.

What do you love most about being a hairdresser? I love the freedom and versatility that I can have in my life with this career, and I love that I have made so many strong connections with so many brilliant women.

What looks are you into right now? So many. All of them? I’m into whatever makes YOU feel good, because that’s when beauty happens. I’m also super excited that women are starting to embrace their grey hair. I think it’s slowly becoming my own little “stick it to the man” practice in my business. It’s okay for us to age, and age beautifully. Give me a challenge, you don’t have to be covering your roots every 3 weeks, maybe there’s something better for you out there. Let’s find it!

Cut- Color - or both? Both